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ICU Logo Motifs / elements in the logo design is derived from patterns / elements of type face (typeface or letters) with the creative process. The concept design process is based on the Vision, Mission and ICU JPM Main Activities.

The layout and the elements highlighted in the design reflects the major tasks undertaken ICU JPM as the Central Agency for national development through the practice of moving the excellent work culture and good governance.

The components of excellence in logo design is translated through a combination of characters using the letters I and U letters of Arial Black and stroke or mark that represents a good and proper in accordance with the letter C functions and work ethics practiced ICU JPM.

Selection of the use of color is the color of the logo appearing on the Jalur Gemilang

Description on the logo design:

I : (Implementation, Intellect, Integrity)
ICU JPM symbolizes integrity as a central agency ahead to ensure successful implementation of national development plans.
C : (Coordination, Convergence, Continuously)
ICU JPM symbolizes the main task of continuing the coordination, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of policies to achieve national development goals.
U : (Unit, Unique, Understanding)
ICU JPM symbolizes a central agency of excellence and unique in serving as a prime mover in development planning.
: The attitude of cooperation and professional staff in the ICU JPM creating an organization that practices excellent work culture and good governance.
: Being proactive and bold in the success of the ICU staff duties and responsibilities.
: ICU JPM as the central agency of excellence and integrity to perform the duties entrusted by fully-settled rule of law, provided the government and based on the philosophy held by the ICU JPM.


1ICU JPM logo with a slogan of 1Heart 1Mind 1Action was formally launched by the Director General of ICU JPM, Y. Bhg. Datuk Hj Shukry b. Mohd Salleh at the monthly assembly on 30 November 2010. The 1ICU JPM logo content is based on graphics and color as a symbol of the following:

  • Moon:  ICU JPM as the parent entity; 

  • Blue &Yellow:  Organization corporate color;

  • Red:  Persistence in carrying out assignments/directions; 

  • White:  Practice a culture of integrity and accountability; 

  • Orange:  Willingness to accept responsibility; and 

  • Stars:  14 SDO/FDO branch offices.

1ICU logo was designed by Ms. Harteny Mohamad from Penang SDO. Launch and use of this logo indirectly indicate the beginning of the stabilization efforts and the appreciation of the cultural characteristics such as moral consensus, cooperation, integrity, loyalty, perseverance and sincerity of the staff and the organizations to achieve the national development agenda. Hopefully, with appreciation on the slogan and 1Heart 1Mind 1Action tagline would boost the commitment of employees to lift and place ICU JPM as a premier organization in the world-class service at all times.

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